Garena Cybercafe Alliance (GCA)

Double IP Boost

Users who play League of Legands on a GCA powered machine will receive:

* 1-day IP Boost

20% discount on transfer market fee

20% discount on contract renewal

30% boost on manager's/player's Exp

Player to receive 1 more option in trading

Extra result card reward

Earn extra Euro, up to 200% !

Earn extra EXP, up to 200% !

Access to ALL heroes (except EAP)

Access to ALL matchmaking games

Access to ALL game modes

Enter Full Client Rooms

Users on GCA powered machines will be able to enter a client room even when it is full.

2X Client Experience

Users on GCA powered machines will gain 2X Garena Exp for all LAN games on our platform.

Gold Status

Users on GCA powered machines will be distinguished by a Gold Member badge on Garena client and their chat text will be in Gold color.