Clan Vault & Shop

What is the Clan Vault?
The Clan Vault is where Vault Points is stored. From here, a user can check the clan's current Vault Points balance, the purchase history as well as view member's contributions.
What are Vault Points?
Vault Points is the currency that is used to purchase items from the Clan Shop.
How do I obtain Vault Points?
Vault Points are obtained by member's donations to the clan. At the moment, a donation of 10 Garena Shells will give 1 Vault Point.
Can Vault Points be changed back to Garena Shells or transferred to another clan?
No. Once your Garena Shells have been converted to Vault Points, they will remain with that clan till it is disbanded.
What is the Clan Shop?
The Clan Shop is the location where a clan can use its Vault Points to purchase clan-related items such as clan expansions and detail changers.
Who can buy from the Clan Shop?
By default, only the Clan Lord may purchase items from the Clan Shop. However, he may give permissions to the Clan Admin or even Clan Members to do so.
I bought a clan item, now what?
After purchasing your clan item, it will take immediate effect. Hence, if you have purchased a “+10 Clan Member”, your member limit has already been increased by 10.
I bought a clan item, but my clan wasn't changed while my Vault Points was deducted!
For such instances, please leave an email to or post in the Garena Clans Help Desk for us to assist you.