Clan War

What is Garena Clan War?
Garena Clan War helps clans to find an opponent team to play clan war and keep track of the clan war history.
How can we enter a clan war?
Your clan lord can either launch a new battle as a host or take a challenge in the clan war battlefield as a challenger. The host clan lord needs to confirm the challenger’s request to engage in the clan war.
How can we manage our current clan wars?
You can click on a battle in Current Battles and enter the clan war management page. You may then discuss with the opponent team in the common feeds section. The clan lord can also select the line-up of the battle.
How does Garena Clan War monitor the actual clan war result?
We DO NOT monitor the actual clan war result. The two clan lords need to update the result themselves. If there is a disagreement in the updated result, then the clan war will be forfeited. If both clan lords fail to update the result by the deadline, which is 7 days after engagement, the clan war will also be considered forfeited.