What Operating System does Garena Plus support?
Garena Plus only supports Windows operating systems at the moment.
I am new to Garena, how can I start using Garena Plus?
Download Garena Plus software from and install. Register a free Garena account on the Garena website located at
How can I find the list of LAN games supported by Garena?
Log into Garena Plus and click on the LAN game button in the left panel. After that, press the “Game” button outlined in light blue.
I cannot log into Garena Plus. What shall I do?
  • Check the Garena Forums at to find out whether there is system maintenance ongoing.
  • Check and make sure that your internet connection is up and running;
  • If you still cannot log into Garena Plus after attempting the above steps, please try uninstalling Garena Plus, downloading the latest version from official Garena website ( and reinstall Garena Plus. You can also obtain the full package of the latest version on the forums.
Where do I send my suggestions for Garena Plus?
You may leave a post on the Garena Forums for any suggestions you would like to make.