Garena Shells

What is Garena Shells? What can Garena Shells do?
Garena Shells is the online currency of Garena gaming platform and Garena operated games. Garena players can use their Garena Shells to purchase many rewarding products and services, as well as in-game items. Check out what is available at Garena Shop now at
Can I convert Garena Shells to Money?
No, Garena Shells cannot be converted back to money.
What are the available payment methods in my region?
Currently Garena offers many means of payment, including online payment gateways, mobile SMS top up and prepaid cards. For credit card holders, Paypal and MoneyBookers are popular online gateways available in most of the countries. You may also find other gateways available specifically for the country that you are residing in. For some countries, SMS top up is available too. As the list of supported payment gateways changes from time to time, please visit our payment portal at to check out the available payment methods. Moreover, Garena prepaid card is an alternative way to top up your Shell amount. Our prepaid cards are sold by various distributors across the world either in physical card or in soft pin.
Why can’t I top up Garena shells via PayPal?
It is likely that PayPal is unavailable for your region/country at the moment. We suggest that you check on other available payment gateways to top up shells.
How do I check my account balance?
When you log into your account on our website, you will see your account balance on the top right corner. You can also see your account balance when you log in at
How do I check my transaction records?
Upon each successful Shell top up transaction, a notification email with transaction ID and your new account balance will be sent to your registered email address. You can also log into your account on our website, select Payment -- Past Transactions from the top menu, and you will see the full list of past transactions there. If you encounter any payment issues, please use our online support form, fill in the details and you will be assured that our dedicated customer support staff will attend to your queries.
Can I use my credit card to top up for my friend's account?
We advise you to use one credit card to top up NOT more than one account. Otherwise system may recognize the transaction as "potentially fraudulent".
Can I transfer my Garena Shells from one account to another?
No, this is not allowed.
Can I buy specific number of Garena Shells other than the standard 200/500/1000 etc?
Currently, you are not able to purchase a specific number of Garena Shells. We offer a range of standard denominations of Garena Shells through different payment gateways or prepaid cards.
I have made payment, but I do not see Garena Shells in my account. What should I do?
The payment gateway may be processing your transaction, or there can be a delay when your purchase confirmation is sent from payment gateway to us. Please be patient. Check with the third party payment gateway, credit card company or bank account to make sure that the payment is completed. If you do not receive your Garena Shells or any emails regarding your payment within 24 hours, please report to us by summiting the online request form. Note that certain payment means, such as e-cheque or bank transfer, can take up to several days to process.
What is transaction ID? How to find it?
Transaction ID is a unique string of alphabets and numbers that identifies a particular transaction. Upon each successful Shell top up transaction, a notification email with transaction ID will be sent to your registered email address. Below is a sample of email notification:
Subject: Garena Topup [Transaction: B66F39B4C92A4CBFA6D3F31E0447FB12]
To: [Your Email Address]

Hello [Your User Name],
Congratulations on topping up your shell account.
250 shells were added to your account from Paypal. You now have 1000 in your account.
Please note that it may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.
Thanks and go play!

- Your Garena team
How to show my evidence of payment?
Different payment gateways may have different payment confirmations. You need to check with the gateway you have used. Here is a general guide. For PayPal, a confirmation will be sent to your email account. For e-wallet gateway, typically you can see a confirmation section (or emailed to you sometimes) after you have completed a purchase, and you can check your transaction records on the online portal. For mobile phone payments, the SMS sent to your phone serves as a purchase confirmation.
How do I contact Garena for payment related support?
You are encouraged to look for answer in this FAQ section first. If it does not solve your problem, report to us by summiting a request form online and our dedicated customer service agents will respond to you.
Why is my payment refunded? What should I do if I still want to buy Garena Shells?
Most of the refund cases are due to third party gateway or our system identifying the transaction as potentially fraudulent. This is a measure taken to prevent cybercrime involving stolen credit card information. We refund the payment in order to protect the credit card owner, and at the same time, ban the accounts involved. However, a small amount of legitimate users can be affected by this. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused. To unban your account, send your request to, and attach your evidence of payment for us to verify. You are also advised to restrict your credit card use for one account only.
Where can I purchase prepaid card?
We have a network of prepaid card point of sales across South East Asia and in some other parts of the world and we look forward to expanding our outreach worldwide. Electronic version is also available through some of our distribution partners, whereby you can make purchase and receive prepaid card number and password electronically upon successful transaction. To view the list of Garena Prepaid Card distributors, please visit and scroll to the bottom of the webpage. You can also get our prepaid card from the approved international retailers (
How to top up my account using prepaid card?
After you log in at the payment portal at, select "Redeem Garena Prepaid Card Points", enter both your card number and password.
Will the prepaid card expire?
Yes. Expiry date is printed on the back of the card. For electronic version, generally it expires in 2 years.